Smart cable drum recycling.

The most convenient way to handle cable drums and at the same time be rewarded. Download the Drumster App.

How it works, in four steps.

Its easy to recycle with the drumster app. Tell us where you are, what you want to recycle and we will make the pickup. After we have inspected the drums you choose to get cashback or donate to charity.

Let's get rid of all them drums.

The Drumster app makes it easy for you to keep the workplace tidy and clean. The drums send back will get recycled to new drums. While you do a good job for the environment you will also be rewarded.

Donate to enviromental charities.

Be a part of the largest cleanup in history. The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid of the 5 trillion pieces of plastic that litters the ocean. Your donation will go directly to The Ocean Cleanup Project.


Happy Easter

We wish you all a Happy Easter! May this Easter bring you all together for a great celebration filled with lots of joy and happiness! 🐰🐣 We will be closed during the holiday but back again before you know it - April 19th. 🐣

Happy Valentines Day!

Drumster wishes you all a Happy Valentines Day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021

We thank you for your business and cooperation throughout the previous year and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Keep in mind that we are closed during December 22 - January 3.

New Drop-point

📢 NEW 📢 Finally we can announce that we have started a Drop-Point in Stockholm! For those of you who have a small number of empty cable drums, today you can choose to go and drop it off at our Drop-Point instead of having to pay shipping ♻️ Feel free to contact our salesman Vedad Mujkic and he will tell you more!

Summer 2021

We wish all our customers, suppliers and employees a really nice summer ☀️😎🏖


Fantastic Friday with radiant sun and the Drumster Group car that helps customers get paid for their empty cable drums. If you want to give your cable drums new life and at the same time get money back, feel free to contact us.


Today, the Drumster Group car is in Enköping and helps customers make returns before the holiday period begins. If you need help getting rid of your empty cable drums before the holiday, call us and we will be more than happy to help.


Here was the Drumster Group car in Borås and helped to empty the yard before the summer with a satisfied customer.

Renova Miljö

Yesterday, the Drumster Group car was in Gothenburg and helped Renova Miljö get rid of their cable drums.


End the week by cleaning the workplace before the new week and at the same time get paid. Enter your pick-up in our app and we will pick up everything from cable drums to pallets and pallet collars. Here we have Plasman in Simrishamn who wants to make a place in the workplace before the summer, thank you very much!


Did you know that Nätverksgrossisten in Malmö is Drop Point for us at Drumster? If your company in Malmö has empty cable drums that you want to get rid of, you can either leave them with the network wholesaler or make a return directly via our Drumster app and get paid.

El & Säkerhet

Today Pär at El & Säkerhet Sörmland made a return via us, he liked the app. It is easily and smoothly! Do as Pär and contact our salesman Vedad if you also want to get paid for your empty cable drums and pallets!


Do as Ramirent in Stockholm and return your empty cable drums via us at Drumster. Let's give them new life.

Happy Easter

We wish you all a Happy Easter! May this Easter bring you all together for a great celebration filled with lots of joy and happiness! 🐰🐣 We will be closed during the holiday but back again before you know it - April 6th. 🐣

NP Solution

NP Solution's projects are located in very many places and are in constant motion. Very easy to leave empty thumbs and book pick-up with Drumster and we will pick up at the specified place! Do you want to avoid shipping around on empty cable drums? Let's buy them from you!

New homepage

Finally 🎉🖥 Now we can announce that we are releasing a new update version of our website.



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